Symposion, actually Uj Symposion, is first and foremost a literary magazine but is also inclined to other artistic forms. It formed in the beginning of the sixties by conceptual artists from Novi Sad.

The magazine is significant because in the time of the iron curtain it provided Hungarian artists and writers from Czechoslovakia, Romania and Hungary to publish texts that they weren’t able to publish in their countries. In the nineties, the magazine split into two publications. One is Ex Symposion based in Veszprém (Hungary) and Symposion in Subotica. Many editors and staff members have switched throughout the years and then seven years ago Širbik Atila became the editor and brought new and fresh ideas. Since then, every number is conceptually organized with the participation of eminent authors and the magazine is now bilingual.

All hungarian texts are translated in Serbo-Croatian which enables the magazine to reach a broader audience and cover a bigger market in all of the ex-yu countries.


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